EWW The Avengers
8 muaj më parë
10RexTheWolf01 23 orë më parë
Need to stop calling Shrek a kids movie at minimum its more of a teen movie
Alexandra George
Alexandra George 23 orë më parë
Can you do Unhinged?
Warren G
Warren G 23 orë më parë
Did'nt notice his hat dissapeared
Michael Byrne
Michael Byrne 23 orë më parë
Technically Maggie's first word is dada (or daddy, I can't quite remember) but noone hears it
HeyImSupercop 23 orë më parë
who in the hell is that other dude that keeps speaking....
Paul Ware
Paul Ware 23 orë më parë
You missed the biggest sin of all - written by DAN BROWN! I saw on the internet that he was giving a master class in writing and nearly died laughing.
Chris Boone
Chris Boone 23 orë më parë
`12:38 - you missed the perfect opportunity to insulkt the fact that Julie Andrews = no cameo, ao they got the lady that plays the witch in Bedknobs and Broomsticks instead. LOL! If this was their cameo for Julie Andrews, I would have said F U too.
Parsection 23 orë më parë
You can explain everything wrong with the movie on 4 minutes?
Raging Tornado
Raging Tornado 23 orë më parë
There is a NASA among us! 16:39
Tornado Taylor
Tornado Taylor 23 orë më parë
They made magies first word sequel. That is false she has talked in an episode before when everyone was arguing in therapy. And i think she said, "Magie no talk again."
The Red duke
The Red duke 23 orë më parë
My uncles name is Craig you said i suck :(
Cavs Fan 523
Cavs Fan 523 23 orë më parë
How did he not the sin the plot hole where the strip club flyers just happen to be in the vault
My Frinds
My Frinds 23 orë më parë
This only a movie, get over it...
Itz _ Kawaii _ Calico
Itz _ Kawaii _ Calico 23 orë më parë
If you thought this was a nightmare factory then you should read the book
Clifton Sargent
Clifton Sargent 23 orë më parë
Can you please make a memento video for us?
Zero to Awesome
Zero to Awesome 23 orë më parë
You should have removed 5 sins for playing the Dubliners.
Warren G
Warren G 23 orë më parë
I was thinking Tearjerker
Cohen Bachicha
Cohen Bachicha 23 orë më parë
shut the fuck up if you say thransformers the movie is bad
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone 23 orë më parë
I never argue about your "sins", however....my suggestion is to remove a few sins for how hard Deep Roy worked on this film. They didn't copy and paste, he literally played every Oompa Loompa! Must have been exhausting.
ziz Ditë më parë
Everything is wrong with this movie
yo toast
yo toast Ditë më parë
This video shouldn't be 20 minutes it should be over an hour long cos that's how bad this movie is
Clifton Sargent
Clifton Sargent Ditë më parë
Memento video please........
White Alliance
White Alliance Ditë më parë
3:22 me too
xSoporific Ditë më parë
El Don
El Don Ditë më parë
Watching some old cinemasins and cinemawins. The latter is much better cause half the time on amazing movies these " sins " are garbage. And some of these are wins but he sins them.
xSoporific Ditë më parë
VinceC2001 Ditë më parë
CinemaSins fell off.
Charli gamer
Charli gamer Ditë më parë
"this horse it THICC with a capital DAMN" i can't im like dying over here
zXIHaUnTeDIXz boy
zXIHaUnTeDIXz boy Ditë më parë
Let's start a trump 2020 train to get those sins removed
The Eyes Of A True Demon- Anomaly Productions
The Eyes Of A True Demon- Anomaly Productions Ditë më parë
Instead of "for John", it should've been "hasta la vista....... Baby"
Trey Best
Trey Best Ditë më parë
“The water... it healed me” “But not all the way yet!” 😂
Ben Klassen
Ben Klassen Ditë më parë
Also not enough cowbell
Amanda Bartlett
Amanda Bartlett Ditë më parë
wait your in the sim that's one trilloin sins
Eodblue Ditë më parë
As much as I love these videos you do realize this is a kids movie. It's not supposed to make sense let alone to an adult that's probably watching it while serfing Facebook on there phones lol.
NA Boi
NA Boi Ditë më parë
14:00 I think they would be scared if something from the UPSIDE DOWN came here
Afro - sisco
Afro - sisco Ditë më parë
This has nothing to do with the video but the aprite cranberry memes are coming back and it's reminding me of highschool I want to die.
XiaoShock Ditë më parë
How dare you...
Anamaris Pinto
Anamaris Pinto Ditë më parë
but as long as its your funny voice i will laugh also why are they swearing power rangers are child friendly
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Ditë më parë
“Urshole” is my new favorite word
Ufohoe Ditë më parë
6:55 every once in a while when watching a movie I get excited cause I recognize places from gta5
Anamaris Pinto
Anamaris Pinto Ditë më parë
anything that has to do some power rangers is my favorite because they have action i love it also do you even love power rangers you hater
Anamaris Pinto
Anamaris Pinto Ditë më parë
you're just a hater
Meedicc !!!!
Meedicc !!!! Ditë më parë
Puss in boots sounds like a shity porn title
IMonthe_XXX HOOK Ditë më parë
wait didnt bee come to earth before 1980 because he was at war or what ever
Ttyytttttyttys Ditë më parë
0:31 it says bridge death toll rises but everyone ran off in time
Maria Reynolds
Maria Reynolds Ditë më parë
I mean I’m pretty sure the only major thing that happened in the franchise between the 90s and this mess was the musical, and in a lot of places that learn away from the over-the-top macabre stuff from the 90s movie into more quirky ghost shenanigans and the 60s ‘people come to visit and are freaked out by the Addams family’ tropes. They still have jokes about Wednesday torturing Pugsley and Gomez threatening to torture Lucas but they’re certainly not as death focused?? (At one point Wednesday risks killing Lucas and it’s played with genuine weight rather than being a generic ‘goths like death’ thing? So on the one hand god knows where that came from, but at the same time the dress scene is ripped straight from the stage show and Wednesday being the oldest lines up too so fuck knows
SIKE01 Ditë më parë
the ending sums up the sham space program.
Somehow ended up here
Somehow ended up here Ditë më parë
Hey look it’s is in 12 minutes- It’s the Lorax Remove it or I will eat your knees
Serious Lulu
Serious Lulu Ditë më parë
Why is CinemaSins suddenly reminding me of Harvey Dent
Anti-Heroine Ditë më parë
I had to look up the history and after crying a bunch, I understand what happened and I appreciate this end now. Oh here come the tears again..
aguyfromatown Ditë më parë
3:25 I feel like you shouldn't watch a Simpsons movie if you can't laugh about gay jokes & the likes. If that kind of harmless humour offends you, it's your problem, not the movie's.
Thatartguy Ditë më parë
"This video might contain scenes of some Saw gruesomeness." Yea that's what we're here for
AceOfSpades2398 Ditë më parë
There are several sins that need revising
Moses Stephen Lualhati
Moses Stephen Lualhati Ditë më parë
Im not sure if neon lighting was used in mexico in 1942 anyway so maybe a sin?
Liz P
Liz P Ditë më parë
This man seriously have a sin just for DC comics 😂
Ronald Patrick Gonzalez
Ronald Patrick Gonzalez Ditë më parë
One more thing. Isn't their training place looks like the "original" Ghostbusters HQ?
FANDOHORIS Ditë më parë
Theres nothing wrong with this movie...its perfect
Искусство жизни / Life is Art
Искусство жизни / Life is Art Ditë më parë
No movie is perfect. But it doesn`t make it less desirable to watch again and again.
BlargenMcFace Ditë më parë
They brainwashed Peeta to kill her because President Snow is all about showmanship. He didn't just want Katniss dead, he wanted to destroy both her and Peeta as symbols of the revolution. The two of them together were a symbol of hope, so wanted to twist that symbol into one of tragedy and despair. Also she's more likely to make herself vulnerable around him than any of the other captives, so honestly he had the best shot of taking her out.
karson bollinger
karson bollinger Ditë më parë
The murder pony 😂😂
Bullet Adams
Bullet Adams Ditë më parë
BOOBLE MAPS *WHEEZEE* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dbz Directioner
Dbz Directioner Ditë më parë
3:43 Dbz Abridged Reference once again, I'm not complaining I'm loving it.
Justin Sundown
Justin Sundown Ditë më parë
I came here just to dislike this video because this is arguably the best Spider-Man movie ever and 90% of your sins are just bullshit
Walker Stringfellow
Walker Stringfellow Ditë më parë
ArE yA wInNiNg SoN Wait wrong thing YA LIKE JAZZ
ExoticDucks Ditë më parë
Fantastic four movies are cursed, none of them are good :/
JoyAnn Gitau
JoyAnn Gitau Ditë më parë
" once again it looks like you're the bottom and I'm the top" My girlfriend to me when she tops me again😂😂😂
Hartless ghostbunny
Hartless ghostbunny Ditë më parë
And I'll be adding on 5 sins for your singing 😂
Kaiser Emotion
Kaiser Emotion Ditë më parë
Milk as alcohol is common in alot of media
Ssen Krad
Ssen Krad Ditë më parë
dude you are super funny!!! thanks for making this page!!!!! lol
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Ditë më parë
13:59 is almost certainly what Jeremy’s college girlfriend used to say to him every time she gave him a BJ
WellRest ·
WellRest · Ditë më parë
And at the end we got wreck rolled
Francis Pitts
Francis Pitts Ditë më parë
As soon as I hear Ed and Lorraine Warren, I know it’s going to be ridiculous and phony.
Dbz Directioner
Dbz Directioner Ditë më parë
2:45 Shout out to DBZ Abridged.😅😅😅
Beetle the SilkWing
Beetle the SilkWing Ditë më parë
So we're gonna ignore the obnoxious amount of OSHA violations here? Seriously, I'm pretty sure this movie was a challenge. "Who can make the most dangerous work facility ever?"
Nadhir Haouanoh
Nadhir Haouanoh Ditë më parë
This movie has a lot of flaws, but I actually enjoy the movie Just me, okay
Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson Ditë më parë
3:20 this had already happened in the last movie just not really. he had already remembered his past and was doing just fine.
Dat Boi
Dat Boi Ditë më parë
I've heard the second movie is going to have recurring (if that's how it's spelled) characters and new characters and like cinematic to animated crossover shit! It's going to be fucking nuts
Brenda Sparks
Brenda Sparks Ditë më parë
So if it was easter Keven would have said F*ck those kids? XD
Richieplayz Ditë më parë
I actually love this movie and ppl say that It’s a ripoff it’s A SEQUEL
Jeffery E. Lara
Jeffery E. Lara Ditë më parë
this movie was so bad I couldnt even watch another person talk about the sins in it. . . . i feel like CinemaSins is being stained just via association with Sinning it :(